Mind Care Mental Wellness Solutions

Owned by: Loretta Karikari
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Loretta Karikari


Seeking therapy is an act of strength, and I applaud your courage for being here.

I specialize in supporting individuals with: caregiver burden & emotional strain, mood disorders like depression and anxiety, as well as navigating through grief & loss, stress, burnout, and life transitions.

I have a Bachelor of Health Studies with specialized honours in Healthy policy from York University. I as well have a Bachelor and Master’s of Social Work from Waterloo University. I have always been deeply attuned to the health care needs of others and have desire to be a helper, meeting you where ever you are. I stay abreast of professional development and additional training.

My therapy approach is holistic, that is considering the whole person. I am deeply compassionate, value a sense of safety for others to feel seen.

I take a hands-on, collaborative approach and use an integrative approach, meaning that I will use a combination of therapeutic techniques. Together, we will explore therapeutic techniques tailored to your individual needs and goals, incorporating mindfulness to promote presence and self-awareness.

My style is warm, compassionate, engaging, and mindful. I am here to support you along every step of the therapy process.

My most used therapeutic interventions are:

  • CBT
  • Problem solving therapy
  • Mindfulness-based CBT
  • Solution focused therapy
  • Caregiver Family Therapy
  • Trauma-informed approach
  • Interpersonal Therapy
  • Compassion Focused Therapy
  • Emotion Focus Therapy

Life’s challenges can take a toll on both mind and body. Everyone deserves a space for healing, and Mind Care Mental Wellness Solutions provides just that—tailored mental health care and solutions with you in mind.

Remember, taking the step to seek therapy is an act of strength, and I am honored to be part of your journey towards healing.